Nurturing the gift and promise of young children, since 1972.


At UCCC Preschool, children are part of a family of learners, engaging with peers, teachers, parents, classroom materials, the broader Missoula community, and the world in the process of constructing knowledge.

Our curriculum is based on best educational practice and attention to the whole child.

Our teachers are intentional in planning a daily schedule and environmentally-rich curriculum that honors a child’s individual needs and interests. The curriculum supports success and challenge at every level of development (cognitive, social, emotional, and physical) and is integrated across disciplines (literacy, mathematics, science, social studies, music, art, and movement).

Founded by University Congregational Church, UCCC has been a part of the Missoula community for over fifty years, first as a private kindergarten in the 1950’s and, since 1972, as a cooperative preschool. The curriculum of the preschool, while intentionally non-religious, reflects strong humanitarian and community-building values. An Administrator and Preschool Board of Directors oversee the preschool operations.

Open registration at UCCC Preschool occurs during the month of February. UCCC offers classes for two different age groups of children: 3-4 year olds (children turning 3 on or before September 10th of the year they will start UCCC classes) and 4-5 year olds (children turning 4 on or before September 10th).



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